L - S T R E A M ( L S M )
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  • 31.03.2020

I have been working for L-Stream for 9 years. He came to them as a cadet back in 2011, at the moment he has already become a second engineer. Good career growth in a stable German company. In the office, everything is quite clear and fast, both in matters of preparing documents for departure and issuing visas, as well as details on the flight. The employees in the office are qualified, they will answer and help on any issue as soon as possible, and there will be no moments when you are already standing at the airport and they say to you “we *lying about you forgot.” Leonid Ivanovich is a competent leader, he will orient you on which ship is better to go. There was no hint of a rollback in the office, everything works clearly, calmly and stably. Excellent crewing, I will continue to cooperate with them.