L - S T R E A M ( L S M )
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  • 19.03.2020

For the past 7 years I have been working through the Crewing Agency “L-Stream” with the German Company “ORION” (bulk carrier) and I can not say anything bad about both the Crewing and the Shipowner.
There are always timely payment of Salaries and planned departures for Contracts.
There is also Career Growth, but EVERYTHING depends on the personal and professional “moving” on the career ladder of a person.
The crewing team is friendly and always came / and comes to the rescue to adequate requests of sailors, either it was on the shore, or when the sailor was at sea.
As for the German Shipowner “ORION”, the Management of the Company is multinational – Germans, Romanians, Ukrainians, Poles, Croats. Ships – there are both “good” and “not very good”, I worked for both, I think everyone went through this. They save, but EVERYTHING that is urgently needed at the current moment / malfunction / repair – they try to deliver to the first port of call, the main thing is to clearly and reasonably argue. Prior to COVID-19, Command staff changes were carried out according to a pre-planned scheme, from any convenient port.