L - S T R E A M ( L S M )

Quality, safety and Drug and Alcohol Policies

L-Stream Ltd” has indentified three key areas in our sphere of crewing that are of paramount importance – Quality, Health & Safety and Drug & Alchohol Policies. To ensure to meet our responsibilities and maintain our standards in these areas L-Stream Ltd ensure that all our employees are fully aware of the policies and operate at all times within Company guidelines.

We implement our Quality policy through:

  • Continuous review and improvement of our procedures and performance
  • Continuous improvement in our employees knowledge and skills with focus on quality, safety & environmental protection
  • Continuous monitoring of employee skills, qualification and performance with the provision of training
  • Encourage participation by all employees at all levels in Quality, Safety & Environmental Protection objectives to achieve our optimum performance
  • Continuously seek opportunities and information to improve our process development and ongoing management

Health & Safety Policy

L-Stream Ltd” is fully committed to provide a safe working environment for seafarers on board of vessels implementing our Health & Safety Policy through:
  • Ensure compliance with all Ukrainian and International Marine regulations are guidelines
  • Provide safety training to continuously improve the safety skills of our all employees
  • Preventing loss of life, property and damage
  • Continuos analysis of Health and Safety data to ensure efficient health, safety and risk management